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Now you can adjust the title style, the text of the title itself, the title's timing, the di- rection of motion, or any other parameters described in the frst part of the chapter. When you're fnished, click the Update button just below the Preview button. iMovie begins the rendering process again, putting in place a brand-new title, and splitting the superimposed footage in a different place, if necessary. Note: The good news is that your ability to edit the title isn't subject to the availability of the Undo com- mand. In other words, you can revise the settings for a title at any time, even if you've saved the project (and therefore wiped out your Undo trail). But if you've applied multiple superimposed titles, as described in the box below, you can revise only the most recent title you've applied to a particular clip. Inserting and Rendering a Title Deleting a Title As noted previously, a title clip is just a clip. You might wonder, therefore, how you can remove a title without also deleting the footage it affects. POWER USERS' CLINIC Blank Titles and Uni-Clips