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Editing a Title > Editing a Title - Pg. 194

Inserting and Rendering a Title Tip: If the title is long enough, it can gobble down a number of individual clips--and turn them into a single title clip in your Movie Track. This can be a sneaky way to organize your movie, as described in the box on the facing page. Checking the Result When the rendering process is complete--or even before it's complete--check out the effect. Click the title clip in the Movie Track and press the Space bar to view the title clip, or Shift-click the clips before and after the title clip (and then press the Space bar) to see how the title looks in the context of the clips around it. Or just drag the Playhead back and forth across the title to see how it looks. If the title isn't quite what you wanted--if it's the wrong length, style, or font, or if there's a typo, for example--you can change its settings as described in the next section. If the title wasn't at all what you wanted--if it's in the wrong place, for example--you can undo the entire insertion-and-rendering process by highlighting the title clip and pressing the Delete key (or choosing EditUndo, if you added the title recently). The original footage returns, textless and intact. Editing a Title Editing a title is easy. Click the title clip's icon in the Movie Track. Then click the Titles