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presents," or whatever your title says. (You can see this effect, too, in Figure 7-6.) As a bonus, a tiny letter T appears in the upper-right corner of the "slide" in the Clip Viewer, a friendly reminder that you've applied a title to it. Inserting and Rendering a Title How Titles Chop Up Your Clips As Figure 7-6 illustrates, it's not enough that you split your clip if you want the title to begin partway into the footage. iMovie may chop up your clips on its own, ac- cording to this scheme: · If the title you've specifed is shorter than the clip, iMovie splits the clip in two. The frst portion gets the title text embedded into it; the second portion is left alone. · If the title is longer than the clip, iMovie steals footage from the next clip to the right (see Figure 7-7). In fact, it continues to eat up as many additional clips as necessary to fulfll the duration you've specifed for it. This powerful feature means that you can make a single title sequence extend across a series of short clips, still images, transitions, and so on. (By contrast, the transitions and effects described in Chapter 6 limit their appetites to single clips.) iMovie may still chop up the fnal clip in the sequence, however, to accommodate the tail end of the title sequence.