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Setting Up a Title Choose a Color for the Lettering By clicking the tiny square beside the word Color, you get a little dialog box known as the Mac OS X Color Picker. (The box on the facing page describes it in detail.) For now, the important thing is to choose a color that contrasts with the footage behind the lettering. Use white against black, black against white, yellow against blue, and so on. Note: iMovie doesn't limit you to TV-safe colors. But be careful. If colors are too bright (saturated), the edges of the letters can smear and tear when played back on a TV. Add a Backdrop If you left your education to the Apple online help, you might assume that there are only two kinds of images that can underlie your titles: video footage or a solid black frame. Fortunately, there's a third option that greatly expands your creative possi- bilities: superimposing your text on a still image, such as a photo or some gradient fll you've created in, say, Photoshop Elements. Figure 7-4: When you hand-build a title using a graphics pro-