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Specify the Size of the Lettering iMovie is extremely conservative with its font-size choices. Even with the Size slider (just to the right of the Font pop-up menu) all the way to the right, and even with "QT Margins" turned on, iMovie doesn't let you make titles that fll the screen. (Keeping your text short may help. If the phrase is very long, iMovie further reduces the point size enough to ft the entire line on the screen, even if the type-size slider is at its maximum. In other words, you can make the font for the credit PIGGY much larger than you can ONE HAM'S ADVENTURES IN MANHATTAN.) If you feel hemmed in by the font-size limitations, consider using a still-image "title card" with text as large as you like, as described on page 244. Setting Up a Title Choose an Animation Direction Most of iMovie's text effects are animated. They feature words fying across the screen, sliding from one edge of the frame to the other, and so on. Some feature directional arrows (seen in Figure 7-1, for example) that let you control which direction the text fies or slides in. By clicking the appropriate arrow, you can specify which direction the text should fy. (The directional controls are dimmed and unavailable for other text effects.)