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Setting Up a Title of your computer screen. Be especially careful when using one of the text effects that includes a subtitle, as iMovie subtitles often use an even smaller typeface than the primary title font, and may lose legibility if the font has too much fligree. Finally, favor sans serif fonts--typefaces that don't have the tiny serifs, or "hats and feet," at the end of the character strokes. The typeface you're reading now is a serif font, one that's less likely to remain legible in a QuickTime movie. The typeface used in the Tip below is a sans serif font. Tip: Some of the standard Mac fonts that look especially good as iMovie fonts are Arial Black, Capitals, Charcoal, Chicago, Gadget, Helvetica, Impact, Sand, Techno, and Textile. Some of the fonts whose delicate nature may be harder to read are Monaco, Courier, Old English, Swing, Trebuchet, Times, Palatino, and Verdana. UP TO SPEED The TV-Safe Area, Overscanning, and You Millions of TV viewers every day are blissfully unaware that they're missing the big picture. show your iMovie productions on a TV, you'll lose anything that's very close to the edges of the frame.