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Preview the Effect As with the transitions described in the previous chapter, iMovie offers two kinds of preview for titles: ·Previewbox.If you click a title style's name, you see a real-time preview of your title animation in the small Preview box above the list of titles. It's very tiny, but it lasts as long as the fnished title will last, giving you a good idea of your title's readability. (The Speed and Pause sliders affect these previews.) ·Monitorwindow.If you click the Preview button, iMovie shows another kind of preview in the Monitor window. This time, you get to see every single frame of the animation, no matter how long it takes your Mac to spew out these images. On slow Macs, you may not see the animation play at real-world speed; you're getting, in essence, a slow-motion version of the full effect. Setting Up a Title Choose a Font Using the pop-up menu just below the list of effects, you can choose a typeface for your text. Consider these guidelines: ·UseonlyTrueTypeorPostScriptfonts. Just don't use bitmapped fonts. And if you have no idea what these terms mean, don't worry. All the fonts that come