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Specify the Timing > Specify the Timing - Pg. 184

Setting Up a Title typing a pair of names, clicking + again--until you've typed in the names of everybody you want in the list of credits. Specify the Timing You have a lot of control over the timing of your titles' animation. Most of the title styles offer two sliders just below the Preview screen: · The Speed slider has different results with different titles. Setting a faster Speed setting makes the Centered Title fade in/out faster, Flying Words fy faster, Type- writer types faster, and so on. For title styles involving motion, it controls the text speed; for title styles that remain still (such as Centered Title), it controls the total amount of time the text spends onscreen. The catalog of title styles at the end of this chapter identifes the Speed slider's effect for each style. · The Pauseeffect depends on the style, too. For titles that fade in and out, it controls the amount of time the text will be fully manifested onscreen, readable and at full size and brightness, between its fade in and fade out segments. For titles whose text fies or rolls into place (such as Typewriter or Flying Words), Pause controls how long the fnished title hangs around after it's complete. As you adjust these sliders, the readout at the bottom of the preview screen shows you, in the seconds:frames format, the time settings you've specifed. (You have to wait