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Such effects as Bounce In to Center, Centered Title, Flying Letters, Flying Words, Scroll with Pause, Stripe Subtitle, Subtitle, Typewriter, and Zoom fall into this category. Tip: You don't have to type text into both of these boxes. In fact, most of the time you'll probably type into only the top box. The subtitle box underneath is there solely for your convenience, for those occasions when you need a second, usually smaller, line of type underneath the larger credit. Setting Up a Title Pair sequences When you're creating the credits for the end of a movie, you usually want two columns of text: on the left, the list of roles; on the right, the actors who portrayed them. In these situations, you need iMovie to offer pairs of slots--enough to accommodate the names of everybody who worked on your movie. It's easy to spot the text effects that offer these two-line pairs because they're the ones with the words "Multiple" or "Rolling" in their names. After clicking one of these title effects, you see not one but two different text-box pairs. The window offers a scroll bar, plus a + button, so that you can add more pairs and scroll through them (Figure 7-3).