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Type the Text > Type the Text - Pg. 182

Setting Up a Title Text blocks When you choose the Music Video or Scrolling Block text effects, you get a simple text box, into which you can type any text you want. At the end of each line, you can press Return to create a new line or press Return twice to create a blank line, exactly as you would in a word processor. (You can use the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands in the Edit menu to edit this text, too.) The maximum amount of text you can type or paste here is just under 256 char- acters--one short paragraph. (See "Music Video" and "Scrolling Block" in the catalog section at the end of this chapter for more details.) Tip: You don't have to settle for the proposed placement of the text when you choose one of the animation styles described below. By adding spaces before your text, or Returns after it, you get much more fexibility over where the text appears in the frame. For example, if you add enough spaces and Returns to your text in the Music Video effect, you can place your text virtually anywhere on the screen. Title/Subtitle pairs When you click the names of most effects, you're shown only two narrow boxes into