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of a heart, oval, star, and so on), and Rotate & Scale (which let you rotate your footage, say, 90 degrees, or resize it within the frame). Two of the most interesting volumes are Volume 4 (picture-in-picture and compos- iting effects, which let you create special effects using blue screen or green screen backgrounds, just like they do in Hollywood) and Volume 8, which offers a unique image-stabilization fxer, a more powerful Ken Burns effect for photos, morphing, warping, and 100 animated backgrounds. · Stupendous Software. This company ( offers an absolutely enormous array of effects plug-ins, from color-adjustment to video overlays, smoke, glass refraction, scratches and dirt, time effects, and many more. The Web site offers a number of free plug-ins to whet your appetite, as well as demo movies that show what all the other plug-ins do. (See Figure 6-13.) Figure 6-13: These samples, from Stupendous Software, show you the power of plug-ins. Top: Bluescreen is a common Installing More Effects