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of a heart, oval, star, and so on), and Rotate & Scale (which let you rotate your footage, say, 90 degrees, or resize it within the frame). Two of the most interesting volumes are Volume 4 (picture-in-picture and compos- iting effects, which let you create special effects using blue screen or green screen backgrounds, just like they do in Hollywood) and Volume 8, which offers a unique image-stabilization fxer, a more powerful Ken Burns effect for photos, morphing, warping, and 100 animated backgrounds. · Stupendous Software. This company ( offers an absolutely enormous array of effects plug-ins, from color-adjustment to video overlays, smoke, glass refraction, scratches and dirt, time effects, and many more. The Web site offers a number of free plug-ins to whet your appetite, as well as demo movies that show what all the other plug-ins do. (See Figure 6-13.) Figure 6-13: These samples, from Stupendous Software, show you the power of plug-ins. Top: Bluescreen is a common technique in Hollywood, and now on your own Mac. Shoot one image against a blue backdrop, and the plug-in superimposes it on any other clip you like. Bottom: These plug-ins let you draw or type right on top of the video. Installing More Effects · Virtix.Visit to see a complete list and illustrations. Among them, various effects let you add thought bubbles to the characters in your footage; add heat waves, lightning, or laser beams to your footage; create simulated rain, smoke, or snow; tweak colors in various ways; create an artifcial zoom into a piece of moving footage; and superimpose "witness protection" rectangles on people to protect their identities. Virtix also offers an "effect" called 16x9 Converter, which is designed to convert footage taken (accidentally or not) in widescreen format and convert it to ft a normal 4:3, squarish TV screen. · cf/x.At, you'll fnd a staggering array of effects plug-ins of every sort: picture-in-picture, zooming, cropping, color correction, snow, "witness protection" blurring, annotation (you can write right on the picture), and so on (as well as transitions and title effects). One of them actually lets you paint onto chapter6:transitionsandeffects 177