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Installing More Effects > Installing More Effects - Pg. 176

Effects: The iMovie Catalog How driving? You determine that by adjusting the Amount slider (which controls the lengths of the raindrop slashes) or the Wind slider (which specifes how much the drop directions change over time). Tip: You can create a better depth simulation by stacking this effect onto a clip twice: once with small droplets (farther) and once with long ones (closer). Try throwing in a little Fog, too. Sepia You might think of this effect as a more nostalgic version of the Black & White effect. Once again, the color drains out of your clip, but instead of black-and-white, you get brown-and-white, which conveys the feeling of memory (thanks to its resemblance to the look of antique photographs). Don't forget to follow up with the Brightness/ Contrast effect, if necessary, to fne-tune the effect. Sharpen You might guess that this effect could help to repair out-of-focus scenes. In practice, however, the Sharpen effect isn't very effective in that role. Instead, it adds a fne grain to your footage, often creating a "solarized" color-banding effect, to the degree you specify using the Amount slider.