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Transitions and Effects > Transitions and Effects - Pg. 175

N-Square If you've been secretly burning to remake The Fly from the insect's point of view, this is your effect. It "echoes" the video frame over and over again in miniature, like tiles of a mosaic (Figure 6-12, top). The Squares(Min--Max)controls how many panes the frame contains, each show- ing the same image. At the Min position, you get four copies; at Max, you get literally hundreds. (Talk about The Matrix!) Tip: If you use the Effect In and Effect Out sliders, you get an interesting variation on the N-Square effect. The clip starts out looking normal; as it plays, the grid of duplicates fies in from the lower right, sliding into its fnal matrix. Effects: The iMovie Catalog Rain Here's one of iMovie's most realistic efforts. It makes your clip look as though it was flmed in a driving rainstorm (Figure 6-12, middle). Figure 6-12: Top: The N-Square effect at Before After