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Effects: The iMovie Catalog Letterbox This flter adds black letterbox bars above and below the frame, creating the look of movies (which have 16:9 proportions) as they sometimes appear when presented on a TV (which has 4:3 proportions). You may have seen this look on the Bravo channel, on a Woody Allen video, on some DVDs, or in artsy TV commercials. The paradox, of course, is that your footage was already correctly shaped for a 4:3 TV screen. So to make it look as though the original was movie-shaped, iMovie has no choice but to chop off the top and bottom slices of your movie. It works, therefore, only when the subject matter is already vertically centered. Fortunately, you can use the Shift slider to nudge the original footage upward or downward in the gap between the black bars, or use the Size slider to make the bars themselves more or less intrusive (thinner or fatter). Mirror This completely freaky effect makes iMovie split the video picture down the middle-- horizontally, vertically, or both (in quadrants). It then flls the left half of the screen with a mirror image of the right half, or the top half with a mirror of the bottom. There's no seam to indicate what's going on; the result is an Alice-in-Wonderland hybrid.