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Effects: The iMovie Catalog Tip: You can use this effect to create a convincing newsreel (or school science flm) look. First, turn your clip into black-and-white using the Black & White effect. Now apply the Flash effect with the sliders set to Max, Min, and Fast, respectively. Fog You already knew that by letting you edit and add music to your movies, iMovie lets you fddle with the emotional overtones of your own memories. What you may not have realized is that it also lets you retroactively change the weather. The Fog effect (Figure 6-11, top) creates a mist that seems to foat in front of the camera lens. It's suitable for atmospheric effects, simulated fre or crash footage, comical hangover clips, and so on. The Amount slider controls the opacity of the fog, the Wind slider governs how quickly it drifts, and the Color slider lets you specify the color. Tip: Don't be fooled by the Color slider's Black and White labels. The various positions along the slider actually proceed through all the colors of the rainbow. Ghost Trails