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Effects: The iMovie Catalog slider. It has only two positions: left or right. Dragging the handle to an intermediate point does nothing.) The Trail slider, meanwhile, governs the size of the sparkler. Fast/Slow/Reverse If you're a veteran of iMovie, you may remember that the Fast, Slow, and Reverse con- trols used to be at the bottom edge of the Timeline Viewer. It occurred to somebody at Apple that this placement really made very little sense; those are, after all, special effects. Why should they work differently from all the other effects? So Fast/Slow/Re- verse is now a card-carrying occupant of the Effects list--and each component has been improved and upgraded in the process. Reverse Direction When you hear that iMovie can play clips backward, you might assume that this fea- ture is a gimmick that's primarily useful for applying to footage of people jumping into swimming pools or jumping off of walls. To be sure, iMovie does a great job at creating these comic effects, even if their novelty does wear off quickly. But reverse motion can be useful in much less obvious situations--cases where your original footage needs some help. For example, you can use this feature to create a