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you have complete freedom in designing the placement of the zap within the frame. (Alas, you can't make the bolt move during a clip. It stays put, crackling away right in place, so it's primarily useful for adding to a tripod shot that you flmed expressly for the purpose of doctoring later in iMovie.) Effects: The iMovie Catalog Fairy Dust Like Electricity, this effect (Figure 6-10, bottom) is designed to superimpose a profes- sional-looking sparkler effect on your footage. In this case, you get a shooting frework that follows a specifed arc across the frame; the net effect is something like a burning fuse, except that the path, although visible in the Preview window for your reference, doesn't actually appear once you apply the effect. Here again, you can click within the Preview frame to position the arc, thereby ad- justing the sparkler's trajectory. Use the Direction slider to specify whether the fre fies left to right across the frame, or right to left. (It really has no business being a Figure 6-10: Top: The Edges effect, which might be better named "Bad drug trip," "Hangover," Before After