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Effects: The iMovie Catalog Crystallize This effect makes your footage look like you shot it through a stained-glass window, or perhaps a translucent honeycomb (Figure 6-9, middle). As you drag the Size slider toward Max, the size of the individual "crystal" facets gets so large, it's more like you're looking at a living stained-glass window. At the Max end, you can't even identify what you're looking at; it's as though you've got an abstract painting that's come to life. This is not, ahem, an effect you'll use often. Earthquake Talk about an effect you'll use only rarely! This one (Figure 6-9, bottom) is designed to simulate camera shake, the jittery, shud- dering, handheld, no-tripod, stabilizer-off look that you'd get if you felt the earth move under your feet, and felt the sky come tumblin' down. You can use the two sliders to specify how the earthquake is tossing your camera around: sideways or vertically, and to what degrees. Edge Work Here's another effect that's new in iMovie HD. Its peculiar mission: to reduce the scene to black-and-white moving blobs, as though the entire clip had been constructed of