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Brightness & Contrast Footage that's too dark is one of the most common hallmarks of amateur camcorder work. If you're flming indoors without extra lights, you may as well accept the fact that your clip will be too dark. The Brightness & Contrast controls can help, but they're no substitute for good light- ing in the original footage. When you drag the Brightness and Contrast sliders in very small amounts, you may be able to rescue footage that's slightly murky or washed out. Dragging the sliders a lot, however, may make the too-dark footage grainy and weird-looking. Tip: Using the Effect In and Out sliders, you can control which parts of the clip are affected by the Adjust Colors and Brightness & Contrast effects. If you need the colors or brightness to shift several times over the course of a clip, consider chopping up the clip into several smaller clips, each of which is an opportunity to reset the effect settings and timings. Effects: The iMovie Catalog Figure 6-9: Top: Modern museum? No-- thanks to the Aged Film effect, it's ancient edifce circa 1938. Middle: Georges Seurat's take on a coffeehouse: a pointillistic mosaic, courtesy of the Crystal- lize effect. Bottom: Earthquake! (For a better simulation of what iMovie really does, shake this book rapidly in front of your face.) This effect looks really great when you adjust the Effect In and Effect Out sliders so that the shaking begins gradually and intensifes. (Better yet, apply the effect several times, to make the intensity of the shaking appear to fuctuate.) Before After chapter6:transitionsandeffects 167