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So what happens to the original clip? iMovie puts it into your project Trash. As long as you don't empty your trash, you can recover the original clip (and remove the effect) at any time. The Effects Pane Removing an Effect If you click a clip and then press the Delete key, you're saying: "Throw away the ef- fect. Bring back my original, unmodifed clip." Much though it may feel like you're instructing iMovie to delete the clip itself, you're not. (You would have to press Delete a second time to achieve that purpose.) In any case, when you delete an effect in this way, iMovie pulls your original footage out of the project Trash and reinstates it. That is, it does so if you haven't emptied the Trash. Remember that once you empty your project Trash, you throw away your opportunity to adjust or remove effects forever. Note: If you do empty the Trash, you'll notice something weird: The little Effect indicator shown in Figure 6-8 vanishes from all of your effects clips! That's because as far as iMovie is concerned, those effects are now part of the original clips, married to them forever. Adjusting an Effect