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Surveying Your Options > Surveying Your Options - Pg. 164

The Effects Pane and-white photograph "coming to life" as it fades into color and then begins to play normally. Tip: Instead of using the Effect In and Effect Out sliders, you can gain more precision by double-clicking the timing numbers that appear in at the bottom of the Preview area. (You have to wait until the Preview area is black--that is, until the preview itself has fnished playing.) Once you've highlighted these digits, you can type new numbers to replace them. These numbers are in seconds:frames format. ·Effect-specifccontrols.As you click the name of each effect in the list, additional sliders may appear above the Effects panel. They're described in the effect-by-effect descriptions later in this chapter. ·Apply. When you click Apply, iMovie begins to render the selected clip--to perform the massive numbers of calculations necessary to bring each pixel into compliance with the effect you've specifed. As with transitions, effect rendering telegraphs its progress with a subtle red line, a miniature progress bar that crawls from left to right beneath the selected clip (see Figure 6-8). Number of effects Effect indicator Figure 6-8: The thin red progress bar lets you know how much longer you