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Transitions and Effects > Transitions and Effects - Pg. 163

·Multipleclips. If you highlight several clips in the Movie Track, your selected effect will apply to all of them, treating them as one giant clip. When you click the Apply button, you'll see multiple progress bars marching across the faces of the affected clips in the Movie Track. (Unfortunately, some effects, like the rocketing sparkler of Fairy Dust, aren't smart enough to continue across more than one clip. If you select several clips, the effect starts over at the beginning of each one.) Tip: Don't forget that you can select several nonadjacent clips. At that point, you can apply an effect to all of them at once. The Effects Pane ·Partofaclip. If you use the Scrubber bar's selection handles to highlight only a portion of a clip, iMovie will split the clips at the endpoints of the selection, and then apply the effect to the central clip. (iMovie can apply effects only to entire clips, which is why this automatic splitting takes place.) ·Partsofmultipleclips. If you choose EditSelect None, you can use the Scrub- ber bar's selection handles to enclose any stretch of clips (or portions of clips) you like. If necessary, iMovie will again split the end clips at the locations of your handles. Surveying Your Options