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Selecting the Footage > Selecting the Footage - Pg. 162

The Effects Pane The Effects Pane The Effects button summons a panel full of visual effects that you can apply directly to your footage: slow motion, backward, black-and-white, and so on. Some are de- signed to adjust the brightness, contrast, or color tints in less-than-perfect footage. Most, though, are designed to create actual special effects that simulate fog, rain, earthquakes, lightning, fashbulbs, and bleary-eyed bad LSD. And if these don't satisfy your hunger for effects, other software companies have had a feld day dreaming up new special effects that you can buy and install as plug-ins. As with transitions, most of these are so out-there and distracting, you should use these only on special occasions. Selecting the Footage Before you apply an effect, specify which lucky region of footage you want to be af- fected: ·Oneclip. Click a clip in the Movie Track or Clips pane; the effect will apply to the entire clip.