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Fading out to white and then in from white--that is, putting two of these transitions side by side in your Movie Track--is an extremely popular technique in today's TV commercials, when the advertiser wants to show you a series of charming, brightly colored images. By fading out to white between shots, the editor inserts the video equivalent of an ellipsis ( this...), and keeps the mood happy and bright. (Similar fade-outs to black seem to stop the fow with more fnality.) Transitions: The iMovie Catalog Downloading More Transition Choices Simple cuts, cross dissolves, and fade-ins/fade-outs are all the transitions many profes- sionals ever need. But if you're feeling hemmed in by the limited number of built-in transitions, you can download plenty more to expand the list. Here's a quick look at some of the leading contenders in the blossoming Commercial iMovie Plug-ins category: · GeeThree. At, you can preview and buy plug-in collections that add over 200 new transitions to iMovie's list. They offer a huge number of different shapes that open up to reveal a new piece of footage: hearts, barn doors, checkerboards, zigzags, page turns, swirls, explosions, drips from the top of the screen, and so on. You can even fnd picture-in-picture, morphing, and even im- age-stabilizing plug-ins that take the shake out of unsteady footage. Note: Be sure you also download the free Slick Transitions updater, a little program that makes the older GeeThree transitions compatible with iMovie HD. Otherwise, mysterious bugs will seem to plague unrelated areas of iMovie. · Virtix.Check out to view this impressive set of effects and transi- tions. Burn Through makes it look like the frst piece of flm is melting on the projector, revealing the second clip behind it. Dream should be familiar to David Letterman or "Wayne's World" fans: it creates a soft-focused, warpy, zig-zaggy strip down the center of the frame that melts into the second clip. Fog and Smoke reveal the second clip through a passing haze. If you've shot one clip of an empty space (using a tripod) and another containing a person, Materialize creates a convincing simulation of the Star Trek transporter beam. And so on. · cf/x.The transition effects at are very nicely done; some, like a soft-edged wipe, are even more useful than some of Apple's included transitions. What's especially nice is that you can buy these transitions individually (usually $3.50 or $4.50) instead of having to buy a whole package. Tip: Most of these products come with installers that put the plug-in fles where they belong: in your Home LibraryiMoviePlug-ins folder. Knowing where they live also makes it easy to remove them--which may come in handy in times of troubleshooting. Note, too, that older plug-ins not specifcally identifed as iMovie HD-compatible can cause all kinds of mysterious problems in apparently unrelated areas of the program. chapter6:transitionsandeffects 161