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Wash In, Wash Out > Wash In, Wash Out - Pg. 160

Transitions: The iMovie Catalog Warp In This effect is very similar to Scale Down, except that as the frst clip fies away, it seems to fold in on itself instead of remaining rectangular. That characteristic, combined with the fact that it fies away into dead center of the second clip's frame, makes it look as though the frst clip is getting sucked out of the center of the picture by a giant video vacuum cleaner. It's hard to think of any circumstance where this effect would feel natural, except when you're deliberately trying to be weird. Warp Out You might think that this effect would be the fip side of the Warp In effect, but it's quite different. This time, the second clip intrudes on the frst by pushing its way, as an ever-growing sphere, into the frame. What's left of the frst clip gets smashed outward, bizarrely distorting, until it's shoved off the outer edges of the picture. Warp Out