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Ripple invokes the "drop of water on the surface of the pond" metaphor. As the ripple expands across the screen, it pushes the frst clip (the pond surface) off the screen to make way for the incoming new clip (the expanding circular ripple). It's a soothing, beautiful effect--but unless you're making mascara commercials, it calls a little too much attention to itself for everyday home movies. Transitions: The iMovie Catalog Scale Down Scale Down, known to pro editors as the picture zoom effect, is a peculiar effect, whereby the end of the frst clip simply shrinks away. Its rectangle gets smaller and smaller until it disappears, falling endlessly away into the beginning of the second clip, which lies beneath it. The rectangle seems to fy away into the upper-left corner of the second clip, not into dead center. This kind of effect occasionally shows up on TV news, in documentaries, and so on, after you've been watching a closeup of some important document or photograph. By showing the closeup fying away from the camera, the flm editor seems to say, "Enough of that. Meanwhile, back in real life..." Scale Down Twirl Here's your basic Batman TV-show transition: The frst clip spins away, receding into the black abyss, and then the next clip spins in from the same vanishing point. Tip: If you transition out of a black clip, you're left with the spinning-in appearance of the second clip without the spinning-away of the frst one. In other words, you've just created the spinning-newspaper-headline effect of many an old movie. Twirl chapter6:transitionsandeffects 159