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Editing the Transition You can edit the transition in several ways: You can change its length, its type, its direction (certain effects only), or all three. To do so, click the transition icon, and then click the Trans button (if the Transitions pane isn't already open). You can now adjust the Speed slider, click another transition in the list, or both. (For the Push and Billow effects, you can also change the direction of the effect.) When you click Update--a button that's available only when a transition icon is highlighted in the Movie Track--iMovie automatically re-renders the transition. Tip: You can also adjust the effect on several clips simultaneously. Just select the ones that you want to edit (c-click each one)--or, to select all transitions in the whole movie, click one and then choose EditSelect Similar Clips. (The selected transition clips don't have to have matching transition types; you can click one Disintegrate, one Twirl, and one Push, and then change them all to the same Cross Dissolve.) Now make the changes you want, and then click the Update button shown in Figure 6-4. Creating a Transition Deleting a Transition If you decide that you don't need a transition effect between two clips after all, you can delete it just as you would delete any Movie Track clip: by clicking it once and