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How Transitions Chop Up Clips > How Transitions Chop Up Clips - Pg. 152

Creating a Transition the soundtrack. And now, as a fnal touch, you decide to put in transitions. Clearly, having these transitions slide all of your clips to the left would result in chaos, throw- ing off the synchronization work you had done. Figure 6-5: When you insert a 2-second transi- tion (top) between two clips, iMovie pulls the right-hand clip 2 seconds to the left so that it overlaps the end of the left-hand clip. The result (bottom): The entire movie is now 2 seconds shorter. 1 2 3 4 A B C D 1 2 Seconds: 1 2 3 4 C D 5 6 7 8 Now you can appreciate the importance of iMovie's AdvancedLock Audio Clip at