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Note: In iMovie HD 5.0.1, there's a tiny bug. If you want to apply a transition to multiple clips, the frst two you select must be adjacent clips (for example, Clips #1 and #2). After that, you can select isolated clips (like Clip #5, Clip #10, and so on). The Apply button will add a transition between each selected clip and the one to its right. And what if you didn't want a transition out of Clip #2? After iMovie applies the multiple transition, you'll have to manually delete the Clip #2 transition. Creating a Transition When rendering is complete When the rendering is complete, you can look over the result very easily. · To watch just the transition itself, click the transition's icon or bar in the Movie Track (it changes color to show that it's highlighted) and then press the Space bar. · To watch the transition and the clips that it joins together, Shift-click the two clips in question. Doing so also highlights the transition between them. Press the Space bar to play the three clips you've highlighted. · It's a good idea to watch your transition by "rewinding" a few seconds into the preceding footage, so that you get a sense of how the effect fts in the context of