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Applying the Effect--and Rendering > Applying the Effect--and Rendering - Pg. 150

Creating a Transition even play your movie while transitions are still rendering. (If the transitions haven't fnished rendering, iMovie shows you its preview version.) In fact, you can even switch out of iMovie to work in other Mac programs. (This last trick makes the rendering even slower, but at least it's in the background. You can check your email or work on your screenplay in the meantime.) Applying simultaneous clips iMovie has always been able to render several transition effects simultaneously, albeit with some speed penalty. iMovie HD, though, offers an even more useful timesaver: you can apply the same transition to several pairs of clips at once. Figure 6-4 shows the idea. Figure 6-4: Here's a nice new feature for effciency freaks. Top: Select clips, as shown here at top. (Best way to do that is to click the frst clip, then c-click as many other