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Applying the Effect--and Rendering > Applying the Effect--and Rendering - Pg. 149

the name or icon of the effect out of the transitions list and down onto the Movie Track. Either way, drag until your cursor is between the two clips that you want joined by this transition; iMovie pushes the right-hand clips out of the way to make room. (Most transitions must go between two clips, and so they can't go at the beginning or end of your Movie Track. The exceptions are the Fade and Wash effects.) Then a special transition icon appears between the clips, as shown in Figure 6-3. Tip: The tiny triangles on a transition icon or bar let you know what kind of transition it is. A pair of inward- facing triangles is a standard transition that melds the end of one clip with the beginning of the next. A single, right-facing triangle indicates a transition that applies to the beginning of a clip, such as a fade-in from black (or wash-in from white). A single, left-facing triangle indicates a transition that applies to the end of a clip (such as a fade or wash out). Creating a Transition Figure 6-3: Top: In the Clip Viewer, a transi- tion shows up as a slide-like icon. Bottom: In the Timeline Viewer, Transition icon