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Applying the Effect--and Rendering > Applying the Effect--and Rendering - Pg. 148

Creating a Transition Tip: For more precision, you can bypass the Speed slider. Instead, double-click the timing numbers that appear just above it, in the corner of the black Preview area. Once you've highlighted these digits, you can type new numbers to replace them. These numbers are in seconds:frames format. When you release the slider, you see another quick preview in the miniature screen above it, and you also see, in the lower-right corner of the Preview screen, the actual length of the transition you've specifed. Tip: The program doesn't yet know which clips you'll want to "transish." Therefore, iMovie uses, for the purposes of this preview, whichever clip is currently highlighted in the Movie Track, into which it crossfades from the previous clip. If the very frst clip is highlighted, iMovie demonstrates by transitioning that clip into the second clip. If no clip is highlighted, iMovie is smart enough to seek out the "clip boundary" that's closest to the Playhead's current position. It uses the clips on both sides of that boundary for the preview--if it's a two-clip transition. If it's a one-clip transition, iMovie uses the clip to the right or left. Preview screen Figure 6-2: When you click the Transitions button, a