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work. That's why interior designers choose only one dominant color for each room. ·Whicheffectismostappropriate? As noted earlier, the crossfade is almost always the least intrusive, most effective, and best-looking transition. But each of the other iMovie transitions can be appropriate in certain situations. For example, the Radial wipe, which looks like the hand of a clock wiping around the screen, replacing the old scene with the new one as it goes, can be a useful passage-of-time or meanwhile-back-at-the-ranch effect. The catalog of transitions on page 154 gives you an example of when each might be appropriate. Remember, though, that many of them are useful primarily in music videos and other situations when wild stylistic fights of fancy are more readily accepted by viewers. Tip: The Fade In and Fade Out "transitions" in iMovie are exempt from the stern advice above. Use a Fade In at the beginning of every movie, if you like, and a Fade Out at the end. Doing so adds a professional feeling to your flm, but it's so subtle, your audience will notice it subconsciously, if at all. When Not to Use Transitions Creating a Transition