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When Not to Use Transitions > When Not to Use Transitions - Pg. 146

About Transitions to the transition, and yet it's so subtle that the viewer might not even be conscious of its presence. Like all DV editing programs, iMovie offers a long list of transitions, of which crossfades are only the beginning. You'll fnd an illustrated catalog of them starting on page 154. But unlike other DV editing software, iMovie makes adding such effects incredibly easy, and the results look awesomely assured and professional. When Not to Use Transitions When the Macintosh debuted in 1984, one of its most exciting features was its fonts. Without having to buy those self-adhesive lettering sets from art stores, you could make posters, fyers, and newsletters using any typefaces you wanted. In fact, if you weren't particularly concerned with being tasteful, you could even combine lots of typefaces on the same page--and thousands of frst-time desktop publishers did exactly that. They thought it was exciting to harness the world of typography right on the computer screen. You may even remember the result: a proliferation of homemade graphic design that rated very low on the artistic-taste scale. Instead of making their documents look more professional, the wild explosion of mixed typefaces made them look amateur-