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Building the Movie > Building the Movie - Pg. 143

Playing a Segment of the Movie You don't have to play the entire Movie Track. You can play only a chunk of it by frst selecting only the clips you want. To do that, click the frst clip you want to play, and then Shift-click the fnal one. Now click the Play button or press the Space bar; iMovie plays only the clips you highlighted. Playing the Movie Track While the Movie is Playing As the Movie Track plays, three simultaneous indicators show your position in the flm. First, of course, the Playhead slides along the subdivided-looking Scrubber bar. If the Timeline Viewer is visible, a duplicate Playhead slides along it. If the Clip Viewer is visible, on the other hand, a bright red, inverted T cursor slides along the faces of the clips themselves, which lets you know at a glance what clip you're seeing in the Monitor window and how much of it you've seen (Figure 5-13). You can't drag this cursor like a true scroll bar handle; it's purely an indicator. Figure 5-13: Because every clip icon is the same size but not every clip is the