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Building the Movie > Building the Movie - Pg. 141

It works like this: Position the Playhead at an important spot in the movie, and then choose MarkersAdd Bookmark (or just press c-B, which is a lot quicker). iMovie responds by placing a tiny green diamond at that spot on the ruler (you can see a couple of them in Figure 5-11). Bookmarks are visible only in Timeline Viewer mode. Tricks of the Timeline Viewer Figure 5-10: When you double-click a black clip, this dialog box appears. (Other ways to get here: Control-click a clip and choose Show Info from the shortcut menu, or click a clip and choose FileShow Info.) Click Color to open the Color Picker, where you can choose the color you want (page 189). The Duration box here lets you adjust the length of your color clip with frame-by-frame precision. You'll see the real value of these markers once you've added a few of them to your movie. Now you can: · Leap from one marker to the next using the Previous Bookmark and Bookmark commands (c-[ and c-], respectively). · Align the Playhead with a bookmark by dragging it. You'll feel it--and even hear it--snap against the bookmark, assuming you've turned on Timeline Snapping (in iMoviePreferences). · Remove an individual bookmark by clicking it and then choosing Markers Delete Bookmark. Banish all of them at once by choosing MarkersDelete All Bookmarks. Note: You can't move a bookmark once you've placed it. If you try to click its diamond, the Playhead jumps to the spot and covers up the bookmark, preventing you from dragging. Deleting the bookmark and installing a new one is your only alternative. Figure 5-11: When you drag a clip, a bookmark remains right where it was. As a result, you can bookmark a certain "hit" in the soundtrack and then fddle with the video, dragging clips into alignment with the bookmark until you fnd the perfect visual jolt to go with the audio burst. Bookmarks chapter5:buildingthemovie 141