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Dragging to the Movie Track > Dragging to the Movie Track - Pg. 137

Moreover, you can freely drag clips back and forth between the Clips pane and the Movie Track. (The ability to drag clips back and forth between the Clips pane and the Timeline Viewer is new in iMovie HD, and really useful.) Remember, by the way, that you can switch the Movie Track between its two view- ers by pressing c-E. It corresponds to the second command in the new View menu, which says either "Switch to Clip Viewer" or "Switch to Timeline Viewer," whichever one you're not in. The Movie Track: Your Storyboard Readouts in the Movie Track iMovie identifes the name of your movie at the top of the window (and its format: DV-NTSC, for example, or HD-1080i-30 for "high-defnition, 1080 interlaced scan lines, 30 frames per second"). At the very bottom of the window, you can see the name of the selected clip (or how many clips are selected), and how long it is relative to the whole movie. Tip: The iMovie HD screen no longer tells you when a certain clip was flmed, as did previous versions. But that information is still easy to fnd: just double-click the clip you're wondering about. The resulting dialog box includes a line for Capture Date, which lets you know when you shot that clip. It's an extremely useful little statistic--like the date stamp on the back of a Kodak print.