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Shortening Clips by Dragging > Shortening Clips by Dragging - Pg. 130

Shortening Clips by Dragging · In general, when you shorten a clip, all subsequent clips slide to the left to close up the gap. (That's what the pros call ripple editing.) Your overall movie gets shorter. In some situations, though, you may want to shorten a clip without allowing any other clips to shift. Instead, you want to leave empty space behind as you shorten the clip, so that the overall movie stays exactly the same length. To make it so, just press the c key as you drag the clip's edge inward. Now you're creating a gap that, when played back, appears as black space. Later, you can either convert the gap to a clip unto itself (page 140) or fll it with pasted footage. · On the other hand, when you drag a clip's edge outward to expose previously hidden footage, iMovie generally shoves all subsequent clips to the right to make room. Your movie, as a result, gets longer. Once again, though, the c key can stop the rippling. If you press c as you drag outward, you cover up some footage in the adjacent clip. Your movie remains exactly the same length. · Want better precision? Try this technique. First, play back the sequence. Using the arrow keys, position the Playhead so that