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Approach 4: Use a Digital8 Camcorder > Approach 4: Use a Digital8 Camcorder - Pg. 118

Importing Footage from Non-DV Tapes Unfortunately, you can't control these devices using iMovie's playback controls, as described in this chapter. Instead, you must transfer your footage manually by press- ing Play on your VCR or old camcorder and then clicking Import on the iMovie screen. In that way, these converters aren't as convenient as an actual DV or Digital8 camcorder. Approach 4: Use a Digital8 Camcorder Sony's Digital8 family of camcorders accommodate 8 mm, Hi-8, and Digital8 tapes, which are 8 mm cassettes recorded digitally. (Low-end models may not offer this feature, however, so ask before you buy.) Just insert your old 8 mm or Hi-8 cassettes into the camcorder and proceed as described in this chapter. iMovie never needs to know that the camcorder doesn't contain a DV cassette. Actually, a Digital8 camcorder grants you even more fexibility than that. Most Digital8 camcorders also have analog inputs, shown back in Figure 1-3, which let you import footage from your VCR or other tape formats, just as described in Approach 2.