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In each case, iMovie stores the appropriately compressed version of your movie in a temporary folder inside the Shared Movies folder. Here, you'll fnd a folder called, for example, iDVD, Bluetooth, or HomePage. The idea is that if you want to send the same movie out again later, you'll have a ready-to-transmit copy. You won't have to wait for iMovie to compress the movie all over again. How iMovie Organizes Its Files Cache Folder This folder is where iMovie stores little scraps and bits it needs for its own use. For example: · The Timeline movie is a lot like the reference movie described above, except that the movie is primarily for iMovie's own use. It doesn't incorporate everything you might consider an important part of the movie (for example, it doesn't include DVD chapter markers). · Thumbnails.plist and Timeline Movie Data.plist are special data fles that store in- formation about the status of your Clips pane (Thumbnails.plist) and the timeline at the bottom of the window (Timeline Movie Data.plist), like what zoom level you've selected and whether or not you've opted to display sound waves on the audio clips (see the following section). These .plist fles are for iMovie's use, not