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How iMovie Organizes Its Files Caution: Never rename, move, or delete the fles in the Media folder. iMovie will become cranky, display error messages, and forget how you had your movie the last time you opened it. Do your deleting, renaming, and rearranging in iMovie, not in the Media folder. And above all, don't take the Media folder (or the project document) out of the package window. Doing so will render your movie uneditable. (It's OK to rename the project folder or the project fle, however.) Shared Movies folder This folder contains two items worth knowing about: · iDVD folder. The reference movie is inside the Shared Movies folder called iDVD. The reference movie for your project bears the same name as the project. For ex- ample, if your movie is called Cruise, your Shared MoviesiDVD folder contains a fle called Note: As Figure 4-11 makes clear, projects converted from older iMovie versions contain a second reference movie, lying loose in the project folder. It's an older-style reference movie, left there in case you ever open up the movie in iMovie 4 again for editing.