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Converting Older Projects Note: Be careful, in the future, not to open the Vacation.iMovie2Project document by mistake. If you try, iMovie will offer to convert it to iMovie HD format again, you'll spin out a second backup copy, and you'll wonder why the editing you did in iMovie HD yesterday isn't showing up. Don't open the version with the ~ symbol, either (Vacation.~iMovieProj); that's your "Revert to Saved" copy, an older draft that iMovie maintains for its own backtracking purposes. So what if you do want iMovie to convert the old project folder into the new-style, single-icon document? After you've opened it up, choose FileSave Project As. Type a name for the newly created package icon and then click Save. After a couple of minutes of fle copying and hard drive flling, you wind up with both the old project folder and the new package icon. (If the conversion goes well, you can now delete the older project folder.) How iMovie Organizes Its Files Thousands of people will come to iMovie HD for the frst time, observing that each movie is saved as a single document icon. They'll go on through life, believing that an iMovie project is a simple, one-icon fle, just like a JPEG photo or a Microsoft Word document.