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Converting Older Projects When you open a project created by an older version of the program, iMovie asks permission to update its fle format into the iMovie HD format, as shown in Figure 4-14. If you want to edit the project in iMovie HD, you have no choice; you must click OK. Doing so creates a new project fle, and preserves a copy of the original with the flename suffx ".iMovie2Project" (see Figure 4-13, bottom). Figure 4-14: Top: When you open an older iMovie project, this message appears. Bottom: Sometimes, opening an older project produces this message, which refers to clips that are still in the Trash. For details, see page 127. Converting Older Projects Now, even if you click OK, your old iMovie project folder doesn't get turned into the new-style, single-icon project fle as described earlier. Instead, iMovie HD leaves you with the original project folder, with a few new fles and folders deposited there for safety. (See Figure 4-13 for an illustration.) For example, suppose you try to open an iMovie 4 project called Cruise. You get the message shown in Figure 4-14. You click OK. When the conversion is fnished, you still have a document inside called Cruise. That's your new iMovie HD project fle, the one you should double-click the next time you want to open it (identifed in Figure 4-13 at bottom). Your converted project folder also contains a copy of the old, untouched original, now called Vacation.iMovie2Project. That's a backup copy of your original, which iMovie HD thoughtfully deposits there just in case. chapter4:camcordermeetsmac 111