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If you like the idea of smooth crossfades between the shots of your video, make sure the frst checkbox is turned on. And then choose the transition style you want from the pop-up menu. Your options are Circle Opening, Circle Closing, Cross Dissolve, Overlap, Push, Radial, Scale Down, and Random. (You can read much more about transitions, including descriptions of these effects, in Chapter 6.) Figure 4-10: Magic iMovie will do your bidding, but frst you have to spell out what, exactly, your bidding is. Magic iMovie 4. Specify what music you want to play as the soundtrack, if you like. If you'd just like to use the audio captured by the camcorder, turn off the "Play a music soundtrack" checkbox. But if you want to try some background music (you can always remove or adjust it later), click Choose Music. Now the dialog box shown in Figure 4-11 appears, revealing the contents of your entire iTunes music library. Use the pop-up menu at the top to choose a playlist, if you like, from which to choose the songs you want. In any case, Figure 4-11 shows you how to take it from here. Just remember that if you don't choose enough music to "cover" all the video, the music will just stop short in the middle. (If you choose too much music, the music will end with the video.) Click OK when you're fnished setting up the music. Tip: You don't have to choose your music from within iTunes. You can instead insert a music CD at this point, and choose from the list of songs that appear. 5. Indicate whether or not you want a movie to send the completed Magic iMovie to iDVD in readiness for burning to disk. chapter4:camcordermeetsmac 107