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Magic iMovie (at a volume level you specify), and, if you like, hands off the result to iDVD for quick burning to disc. Magic iMovie is ideal, in other words, in situations like these: · The alternative is leaving the video untouched on the original tape. The simple grace notes added by magic iMovie--even adding an opening title to identify the footage--make the movie much more watchable than the unedited original. · You've just captured footage of something--a wedding, a graduation, a school dance--and you want to put something together quickly that you can play at the reception afterward. · You realize that Magic iMovie can serve as a starting point, with a lot of the grunt work done for you. Once it's done, you can pick through the scenes, deleting the ones you don't need, changing or removing the transitions that don't seem right, and adjusting music volume levels, without having to start from scratch. · You feel that a DVD is a much better long-term storage depository than a tape, and you'd like Magic iMovie to automate the transfer for you. Magic iMovie is, however, a fairly limited tool. It was designed to automate things for you, which means that it doesn't give you a lot of options. Here are some things