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Four Special Cases But frst, some defnitions: · High defnition is a new video format that offers a stunning, high-resolution picture, clear enough to make you feel like you're looking out a window and wide enough to show you, in a single camera shot, the pitcher, the batter, and the runner on frst. To see high defnition, you need a high-defnition TV set (an HDTV). You also need some source of HDTV programming, like an upgraded cable box or a special rooftop antenna. Or--and this is the exciting part--you can flm your own. Read on. · HDV camcorders capture the wide, super-clear picture of high defnition--on ordinary MiniDV tapes. (HDV isn't a typo. That's the format these camcorders use to store high-def video on a MiniDV tape.) At the birth of iMovie HD, there were only two HDV camcorders: JVC's GR-HD1 ($1,700 and dropping) and Sony's much newer, three-chip HDR-FX1 ($3,300). Neither is what you'd call pocketable, unless perhaps you're the Jolly Green Giant. But for prosumers and independent flmmakers, these camcorders represent an insanely liberating development; until they came along, the least expensive HDTV camcorder cost $40,000.