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The Free Space readout As noted earlier, the Free Space display (Figure 4-6) updates itself as you capture your clips. It keeps track of how much space your hard drive has left--the one onto which you saved your project. This readout includes a color-keyed early warning system that lets you prepare for that awkward moment when your hard drive's full. At that moment, you won't be able to capture any more video. Look at the color of the text just beside the Trash (where it says, for example, "1.83 GB available"): · If the words are black, you're in good shape. Your hard drive has over 400 MB of free space--room for at least 90 seconds of additional footage. · If the text becomes yellow, your hard drive has between 200 and 400 MB of free space left. In about 90 more seconds of capturing, you'll be completely out of space. · When the words turn red, the situation is dire. Your hard drive has less than 200 MB of free space left. About one minute of capturing remains. · When the Free Space indicator shows that you've got less than 50 MB of free space left, iMovie stops importing and refuses to capture any more video. At this point, Importing Camcorder Footage