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Part Three: Finding Your Audience > QuickTime Player - Pg. 347

Now, this is a goofy example, of course, because you could have just used the Mirror effect in iMovie to fip a picture upside-down. But consider this a training exercise. Advanced QuickTime Pro Picture-in-Picture Ever wonder how news channels manage to show a video inset--a little TV picture foating in the corner of the bigger TV picture, just over the anchorperson's shoulder (Figure 14-6)? It's a piece of cake in more advanced programs like Final Cut Express and Final Cut Pro, and it's even possible in iMovie with the help of some shareware add-ons (page 177). But the following steps show you how to simulate that effect for free: 1.OpenthenewscasterclipinQuickTimePlayerPro. See the steps on page 343. (Of course, you can put any video on top of any video. This newscaster thing is just an example.) 2.ChooseFileOpenMovieinNewPlayer.Openthesecondclip,theonethatwill appearinthesmaller,picture-in-pictureframe. It appears in its own window. 3.Copyasmuchofitasyouwant.