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Part Three: Finding Your Audience > Movies on the Web--and On the Phone - Pg. 327

·<LOOP=false>. The <loop> attribute tells the plug-in to play the movie once (false), over and over continuously (true), or forwards to the end, then backward to the beginning, then forward to the end, and so on (palindrome). In most cases, you'll want to set this one to false. (Besides, if you've decided to make the Quick- Time controller scroll bar appear as described in the previous paragraphs, your viewers can replay the movie themselves by clicking the Play button, if they really think they missed something the frst time.) ·<PLUGINSPAGE="">. This handy attribute provides a hyperlink to the Web page where your visitors can download the necessary plug-in (in this case, QuickTime). It's by no means necessary to include this line of code, but it's a helpful thing to do, and can spare your viewers a lot of aggravation when they can't fgure out why your movie doesn't show up on their screens. More <embed> tag attributes If you're kind of getting into this, here are a few more commands you can use to tweak the way your movie is presented: ·<BGCOLOR>. If you specifed <width> and <height> attributes that are larger than the dimensions of the movie itself, you can specify the color of the extra Posting a Movie on Your Own Web Site