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Part Three: Finding Your Audience > From iMovie to QuickTime - Pg. 297

fle in a sound-editing program along the way, if you're so inclined. That's one way to get rid of the occasional pop or crackle.) But most of the time, you'll ignore this Export pop-up menu. Most of the time, you'll want to leave it set to "Movie to QuickTime Movie," and then click the Options button to make some settings changes. As illustrated in Figure 12-5, that Options button opens a very important dialog box: the Movie Settings box. Here's where you can export your fnished product with exactly the size-smoothness-speed compromise you want. You'll notice that this box offers three buttons for video: Settings, Filter, and Size. Below that, you get one Settings button for Sound; and at the bottom of the box, you get op- tions for Internet streaming. All of these settings are covered in the next few pages. The Expert Settings The Settings Button The Settings button takes you to the powerful Compression Settings dialog box (Figure 12-6), the heart of the entire Expert software suite. Here's what the controls do: Figure 12-6: Top: This dialog box gives you point-by- point control over the look, size, and quality of the QuickTime movie you're exporting. Not all of these controls are available for all codecs. That is, depending on what you choose using the top pop-up menu, some of the controls here may be dimmed and unavailable. Furthermore, only some of the codecs offer an Options button in the middle of the dialog box. In the Sorenson 3 codec controls, shown here, the "Limit data rate to __" option is useful when you're trying to produce a movie that will stream from the Web. Note, however, that this setting overrides the Quality slider setting. (Many people have been baffed by a crummy-looking Soren- son movie that they'd set to Best quality. Now you know why.) Bottom: Here's where you can specify the dimensions of the movie you're saving, in pixels. (This box appears when you click the Size button shown at bottom in Figure 12-5.) chapter12:fromimovietoquicktime 297